Best treatment for a loose vagina – Surgery or natural ways?

By   2016-05-30

A loose vagina is one of the most common problems of women who have passed the age of 30, particularly those who have had several kids already. The processes of pregnancy and aging significantly contribute to the weakening of the muscles and walls of the female organ. Due to the trauma that the tissues have to undergo, they tend to lose their firmness. This is why they can no longer bounce back to their original size and shape even though the vagina can actually contract and expand.

The problems with a slack vagina

gfagfa6522334Having a slack pussy can create some issues in a girl’s life. The first on the list is it brings down a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse. It is true that a relationship is not all about sex, but it is a fact that sex is also a vital part of being in a commitment. If you have low libido, there is a big possibility that it can ruin your relationship with your partner. It can be a major threat to your relationship.

Another drawback is the loss of the feeling of penetration. If your vulva is already loose, the friction decreases. No wonder why men prefer younger ladies as they are most likely to have tighter intimate areas. Aside from this, you may also suffer from several medical problems such as unpleasant vaginal odor and urinal incontinence.

What is the best treatment for a loose vagina?

Basically, there are two major ways to restore the youthfulness of a lady part. You can undergo surgery, or you can also utilize the non-surgical methods. You may be wondering which one is better, surgery or the natural ways? Keep in mind that each of the methods has its pros and cons. So it would be up to you to weigh things out.

Would you go for surgery?

When it comes to vaginoplasty, it is a sure thing that the opening of your intimate area will be tightened. You will feel the difference right after the surgery. But is it really the best method? What are the disadvantages?

As we all know, surgical procedures are often expensive. So, if you want to avail of vaginoplasty, you are expected to come up with a substantial amount of money. You will also be exposed to potential infections.

Would it be best to go for natural ways?

aaga6523345There are various natural methods to treat a slack female organ, which you can see on Most women highly recommend going for the non-surgical procedures. Aside from they are cheaper (some are even free), they are also a lot safer.

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