Drug Abuse

People cannot live well if they lack medicine to cure sick people. Some of these medicines are stronger than others are and as such, they require a doctor’s approval before using them. For example, Vicodin is an opioid painkiller that can cause lightheartedness, euphoria, sedation, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. Unfortunately, some people tend to use these prescription drugs without authorization from a medical practitioner.jmknb2we5dr62ted6y272u82

The effects of doing so are catastrophic for the people involved. Many of them end up becoming addicts to these medicines. Additionally, their loved ones watch helplessly as the addiction grows with any sense of normalcy ebbing away slowly. Here are some prescription drug abuse facts that you should know so that they can help you understand this problem.

Commonly abused medicines

These drugs fall into three primary categories i.e. painkillers, stimulants, and depressants. Painkillers relieve any pain that those using it may endure. They include Oxycontin and Vicodin among others. Unfortunately, people might start developing a dependency on them to feel normal. Currently, more than 45 people die every day from these opioid painkillers. That number is higher than the number of daily deaths attributed to overdoses on cocaine and heroin combined.

Depressants are also dangerous because they distort the functions of the central nervous system leading to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, seizures, muscle tremors, and even death. Some of the most commonly abused depressants include Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, and Ativan.

Abuse affects young adults

It is sad that people are starting to misuse prescription drugs at an early age leajmkb25ws5f26dt26ey7222u82ding to a waste of potential human capital. Statistics show that 2500 teenagers abuse prescription medicines each day. Many of them mistakenly believe that these drugs are safer to use when getting high than illegal drugs. They do not know that opioid painkillers accounted for 38.2% of all the drug overdose deaths in 2005. It is time to save the youth from this type of abuse so that the country has productive members of society to steer it forward in the future.

It is important to curb prescription drug abuse because it also leads to other vices. For example, people who abuse these medicines are two and five times more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana than those who do not abuse them. It is critical for people take into account these prescription drug abuse facts so that they can join hands in fighting this vice throughout the country.