Top Health Apps You Should Not Miss on Your Phone

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Posted by David Freeman

Since smartphones appeared, mobile health applications have seen unprecedented growth. There are an estimated 97,000, and hundreds more appear every day. According to experts, more than a third of smartphone users install a health-related application.

This new technology, called mHealth or mobile health, helps patients and health professionals to access information about diseases, medicines, and treatments from mobile devices and tablets.  Here are the top health-related apps for Android and iOS devices.

Social Diabetes

This application allows patientsmedical apps with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to track what they ate during the day, how much insulin they used, and how their glucose level is. It helps to control the risk of hypoglycemia after the application of insulin. It has a database of more than 11,000 foods with all their properties. Also, it includes a social network that allows you to share diets, advice, and experiences of other users.

Universal Doctor Speaker

Going to a doctor in an unfamiliar country and not speaking their language can be a nightmare. But this application that translates symptoms, pains, and questions from your native language to that of the doctor allows you to overcome that obstacle. The program offers 17 different languages ​​and more than 500 keywords. In the same way, it helps health professionals to take a medical history in any of these languages.

Health Manager

Nire iHealth is a self-managed health app that enables users to adopt healthy and preventive lifestyles. To do this, it uses a complex algorithm that analyzes and relates the data of each patient in real-time and makes a series of individualized recommendations based on the diseases they suffer from. It assists the patient in issues ranging from the proper use of medications to a correct diet according to each pathology.


Using an algorithm, it allows womenfitness app to monitor the menstrual period, their ovulation phase, in which part of the cycle they are most fertile. It helps prevent unwanted pregnancies by tracking the activities of the contraceptive method used. Glow Won the 2014 Webby Award for Best Health and Fitness App.


It allows patients to describe their symptoms and through a database reviewed and authorized by Harvard University to give a close diagnosis. It becomes an excellent tool for both patients and health service providers since with such diagnosis, the emergency services can be decongested in addition to reassuring patients when they have pain and other symptoms that do not warrant an emergency assessment.