Top Apps for Soccer Stats

Posted by David Freeman

As smartphones become more popular for commercial and soccer match use, so does the number of apps dedicated to this wonderful sport. These apps feature soccer characters that incline the game’s characters. Below, we have reviewed and tested some of the most popular apps available through ACMarket

Edge Football Stats

appsEdge Football Stats, a relatively new industry application, is available. This application provides detailed information about how teams have performed in the game market. Its primary purpose is to provide data on how teams played in the game markets so that customers can spot trends and make informed bets.

Stats Zone

Live-Opta Stats provides information that allows you to analyze and learn a wide range of information points, including targets, shots, and moves. It isn’t the most beautiful program, and it is only available in the App Store. However, this program is far superior to all other programs. It excels when the program is used as “the second screen” to watch the live game and the program. The application can be used to create context and help reevaluate the game’s layout.


The form was created by the team to provide a better understanding of the types that are inside and outside the mold. The application is clear and precise. It also includes useful instructions that explain where the safe and hidden areas are, and what the icons indicate. TeamForm assigns each team a score based on their past performance. TeamForm uses its statistical models to calculate these scores. This app is fascinating and gives consumers a clear indication of how the team shapes the naked eye.


It also includes a list of all losses and the TV stations from which the game was broadcast. You should also take a look at the referee statistics page. This includes a breakdown of how many cards were issued for each competition. This is a useful site for those who are interested in booking variables. The application has a lot of statistical information and photos, but it appears that the developer tried to include every type of statistic. They are not grouped according to their value or feasibility.

TLS Football

TLS gives a football result application a retro appearance with its thick structure. It’s like a classic university football manager game. This can be very interesting for clients. However, modern users may prefer another option. It still offers some solid features such as live comments and an accurate statistics screen. The game can also be updated live and can be viewed live within the application. TLS Soccer doesn’t offer many stats before the match. The only available thing is the two group rankings and the face-to-face records.

Bet Data

Modern and functional program. This program is unique in that it includes live scores and more detailed statistics about upcoming games. There are many league options, and there is a lot of information about upcoming games. There are many visual representations available, including pie charts, tables, and block diagrams. This gives the user a lot of information. With many programs now available for download, the football data market is booming. Edge Football Stats is my top-ranked application, but every program has strengths and weaknesses that will appeal to all soccer fans.