All Guides to Evolve Eevee in “Pokémon” Games

Posted by William Carson

In this Pokemon ROM Hacks article, I will explain to you all guides to reach the Eeveelutions. Eevee is a normal type Pokémon that can evolve into eight different Pokémon depending on conditions; Eevee can develop with elementary stones, deepen friendship, a level near moss or even an ice rock, or inspire affection.


Eevee is popular as it can evolve into eight types. Shining Eeveelutions is particularly popular (and rare); many players try to breed Shining Eeveelutions using the Matsuda method. Shining Pokémon is much more likely to be bred by overseas Pokémon (although Ditto is also a popular choice). Everyone loves Eeveelutions!

Guide to Evolve Eevee Using Stones

FlareonSince the first generation of Pokémon, Eevee has evolved into three different Pokémon through the use of Elemental Stones (also known as Stones of Evolution); Flintstones, Stone-ThunderWater, and Stones-Water are used to create Eevee. The Elemental Stones can be used at any time and immediately develop the target Pokémon. Not all Pokémon can develop with the Elemental Stones, but Eevee is one of the Pokémon influenced by the Stones. Flareon is the eevee’s evolution using Fire stone, Jolteon is the result of Thunderstone, and the Vaporeon is the eevee’s evolution using Water stone. Once you insert an Elemental Stone, it disappears, and once Eevee has evolved, you can’t change it anymore!

Guide to Evolve Eevee Using Friendship

Unlike previous Eeveelutions, Eevee can evolve into Spur or Umbrella with a higher friendship, not elementary stones. Even if there is a higher Eevee friendship during the day, it will evolve into Spur, although it could evolve into an Umbreon if it levels out at night. If an Eevee is not friendly, it will not evolve!

VaporeonFriendship suggests how attached a Pokémon is to its Trainer. There are many alternatives when it comes to deepening the friendship. If you still hang out with all the Pokémon in your group, win battles, and level everyone, the friendship will deepen, but some items and activities will make it grow faster. Buddy Balls, a type of Pokémon, allows Pokémon to join their trainers faster. The Peace Bell could be held with a Pokémon to deepen friendship over time. Also, providing a Pokémon with a variety of vitamins increases her stats and her friendship – if Eevee receives a massage once a day, her friendship will be greatly improved!

Guide to Evolve Eevee Using Rocks

It is not important if the Eevee contains a superior friendship or affection – if it is leveled with these stones, it will become the corresponding Eeveelution. Because you always can exchange different players for Leafeon or even Glaceon, if you prefer.

Guide to Evolve Eevee Using Affection

The Fresh Elevelution for players. This evolves from Eevee after it has been paired with two hearts of affection in Pokemon-Amie. Pokemon-Amie is a new game feature introduced with Pokémon X and Y that allows players to increase the Affection of their Pokémon (about five hearts) for conflict bonuses along with more sophisticated fighting. Eevee needs only two out of five Affectionate Hearts to evolve into Sylveon, even as a unique move like a fairy. In this creation, Eevee can find a child’s eyes at level 9 to not level him significantly.